Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Weekend Recap

My friends and I went to go see Mary Walker live in Dallas - if you haven't heard her music yet, you're missing out. That night, we managed to not pay for valet, forget all three of our cards at the bar, and decorate the blackboard at City Tavern.

and then I danced with a robot and had a man rap to me about food 

Saturday was my best friend Monica's birthday, so we threw a fiesta - complete with ponchos, sombreros, mustaches, and a piƱata. And Coronas and tequila and spiked horchata. And Andrew's famous guacamole.

Cutie Tuesday

would be writing my first post in weeks in a Starbucks... 

Winner of Cutie Tuesday
for being the best cat squirrel bat dog a girl could ask for

I'm starting to regret my choice to drive myself to Starbucks to "get work done." I read my pre-lab, and then got distracted by the three people on their phones, the four people having a family reunion two tables away from me, the Andrea Bocelli playing not quite loud enough to hear, but not quiet enough for me to ignore...

And a man just walked in that kind of looks like a thug version of Ben from Parks and Rec. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


clockwise from top left:
1. Hot Chocolate 5k/15k (I drank coffee and ate donuts and handed out water)*
2. Took a picture to look like I have productive mornings
3. ...life story
4. gravity
5. Girl's night featuring Hurricanes, Anthro coasters, and Table Topics from John and Katie :)
6. Enjoying our Shiner keg for my birthday (thank you Mary and Jake!)

*Has anyone run this? It looked really fun except I'd rather not 9 miles to get hot chocolate. But I totally admire anyone who DID

Cutie Tuesday and a Quick Birthday Recap

 February 1 was my 21st birthday. Friday February 1. Saturday February second was the 50th anniversary of the Groundhog Party in the Park at my school (second largest Groundhog celebration in the world). And Thursday was Groundhog TGIT (I know you can figure what that stands for). The whole school goes to the school's "restaurant"/patio and listens to live music and drinks $1 beers and show up to class hungover the next day.

For a clearer picture:


top: getting wild at TGIT (not short, just mid-lunge)
bottom left: came home Thursday night after midnight to find balloons everywhere (thank you, Monica!)
bottom right: the band sang me happy birthday at midnight (thank you, Blake!)

Friday night... started at Taco Diner with many Mambo Taxis and a cougar sitting next to our table taking pictures of us. Followed by the Katy Ice House and seeing all the alumns I missed so so much (back for to celebrate Groundhog). Then to the Den and from there... dislocated my kneecap while I was literally standing.

Saturday: Groundhog
(school photographers get an all-access pass aka only ones allowed on stage)

plus many bonfires, kegs, burgers, s'mores, beer, beer, beer....

and now...
for the moment you've all been waiting for...
Winner of Cutie Tuesday: Gramps Picador
for keeping watch over his home and walking around with a cigar hanging out of his mouth

how cute are my pajama pants, though

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Recovery Week

 Also known as... my 21st birthday was Friday. 

I will most definitely do a small recap of the blur that was this past weekend, but as of right now, I'm just trying to recover, both mentally and physically. Not only was this past weekend my 21st birthday, on Saturday my school hosted its 50th anniversary Groundhog Party in the Park -- if it doesn't seem like a big deal, wait until you see the pictures.

As far as physical recovery goes... I am pretty sure I fractured my foot three weeks ago and I dislocated my kneecap on Friday (I was standing and it gave out, no amazing drunken stories here, sorry). But really, what's a birthday without some bumps and bruises?

Some things that have helped with my recovery:

S'mores slippers/foot warmers! From my dear friends the Ballards
for those of you who are unaware, I have a not normal obsession with s'mores...
I literally cried when I saw these 
I don't mean "literally" how some people say it and mean "figuratively"

Diptyque candle from my sister and brother-in-law that smells like heaven
I saw my sister briefly when I was at home last week and asked her about diptyque candles...
And then she sent me one for my birthday among many other gifts
She is amazing. So is Jake (didn't forget you). Oh and so is Luke, but that's a given.

Many other gifts were received by a very thankful birthday girl, but it would be tacky to post every single thing. Plus, it would spoil my thank-you notes. (They are coming!)

p.s. I think the best part of my day is that first sip of coffee
my last sip of coffee is for sure the most stressful