Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cutie Tuesday and What I Wore to Evade Jury Duty

important note: I did not really evade jury duty 

This morning I was called in to jury duty and this entire week leading up to it, I wasn't necessarily filled with the expected dread. But when my alarm sounded this morning at 5:50, I realized why it is that people aren't usually keen on receiving their summons in the mail. Yet I still had that little bit of excitement in the back of my mind that was eager to serve my civil duty by sitting on a jury. Which was quickly squandered by sitting on the freeway for 20 minutes only to move five miles. I understand you, rest of America, I am not a fan of jury duty.

Ok, I can't really say I don't like jury duty because I postponed mine due to the fact that I'm a student, but I do hate getting to jury duty.

I understand you, rest of America, I am not a fan of getting to jury duty.*

This morning (while still a little excited and curious about JD) I had no idea what to wear. It wasn't until I loaded the pictures onto my computer that I noticed (1) I must have subconsciously been feeling really patriotic and (2) it's the same outfit as the only other time I've included a picture of myself. I do own other clothes and I do wear other clothes, but today I wore the same clothes.

and a model pose for good measure
pants: H&M//striped shirt: Nordstrom//sweater: H&M//shoes: Steve Madden
(and yes, I am wearing shoes)

Cutie Tuesday Winner: Maddie

because she was the only one that let me pick her up today  
Pico was too busy chewing his bone and licking his leg
congratulations little lady

how does she manage to look like a victim in every single picture?

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  1. You are looking quite patriotic for your civil duty day! ha! I've done that where I wear a color combination like black and yellow and realize later that I look like a bumble bee... sweet. But you definitely pulled off this look, patriotic colors and all! New follower here!

    Holly Foxen Wells