Saturday, December 29, 2012


What a great blogger I am, keeping everyone in eager anticipation for a week and a half waiting for another blog post about my life and all that happens after breakfast.

I have not yet discussed (1) my trip to San Diego, (2) Christmas... (3) Cutie Tesday #2, (4) pizza

San Diego:
Last.... some rando day of the week... my mom and I made the strenuous journey down south to Cardiff by the Sea to spend some quality time with my nephew/mom's grandson. Seeing my sister and brother-in-law were added bonuses.
above left: Luke still trying to figure out if he likes this "getting burped" business
above right: My scarfed self, Mary (big sister) + Luke (her offspring), Mom (the reason any of us exist at all)

We enjoyed a not light lunch at Amaya at  The Grand hotel in Del Mar, and then went back to my sister's house to start making dinner. My kind of day. We were even graced with Jake's presence (Mary's husb, Luke's father), and I shared my collegiate wisdom by telling him to go to bed early and finish his work at 5 am.

boring stuff boring stuff boring stuff.... CHRISTMAS DAY!!!

mine was great, how was yours? I drank coffee

and posed for the camera

and got a food processor! First thought: "Now I can make pesto!" And really, who doesn't look at a new food processor and think "pesto"?

And then I made a pizza:

Twas good. Not made with the food processor. Will be mentioned in a post to come. 

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