Sunday, January 13, 2013

Did Someone Say "Coffee"?

1 shot of espresso
1 cup of vanilla almond milk microwaved for 1 minute 40 seconds 
1 dash of cinnamon
whisk milk until frothy
pour over espresso

That's how I take my morning coffee. It's the same every single day, but somehow it always tastes better when I'm at home in California.

can you tell I got my camera back from the shop?

It's my last morning at home and I'm savoring every last minute. Major plans? Walking my dogs chihuahuas, doing all my laundry, packing, cleaning my room, and other productive things...

I really do love the box of an apartment that I live in in Texas, but nothing beats being at home. Especially home in California, where 'cold' means anything slightly below 60 and I wake up to a bright and sunny (and fully furnished) kitchen every morning. 

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  1. This coffee sounds perfect. I have got to stop buying Starbucks lattes and start making coffee myself! I'm glad you had a lovely break at home!