Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cutie Tuesday and a Quick Birthday Recap

 February 1 was my 21st birthday. Friday February 1. Saturday February second was the 50th anniversary of the Groundhog Party in the Park at my school (second largest Groundhog celebration in the world). And Thursday was Groundhog TGIT (I know you can figure what that stands for). The whole school goes to the school's "restaurant"/patio and listens to live music and drinks $1 beers and show up to class hungover the next day.

For a clearer picture:


top: getting wild at TGIT (not short, just mid-lunge)
bottom left: came home Thursday night after midnight to find balloons everywhere (thank you, Monica!)
bottom right: the band sang me happy birthday at midnight (thank you, Blake!)

Friday night... started at Taco Diner with many Mambo Taxis and a cougar sitting next to our table taking pictures of us. Followed by the Katy Ice House and seeing all the alumns I missed so so much (back for to celebrate Groundhog). Then to the Den and from there... dislocated my kneecap while I was literally standing.

Saturday: Groundhog
(school photographers get an all-access pass aka only ones allowed on stage)

plus many bonfires, kegs, burgers, s'mores, beer, beer, beer....

and now...
for the moment you've all been waiting for...
Winner of Cutie Tuesday: Gramps Picador
for keeping watch over his home and walking around with a cigar hanging out of his mouth

how cute are my pajama pants, though

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