Thursday, January 3, 2013

PB (take two)

 Another pizza bianca. Since when did I become Iron Chef of Italy? Gotta admit, though, as I'm munching on my master creation, I think I may have outdone the Cooking Light recipe. It's vegetarian, not cooked in bacon fat, and tastes better (adjectives were never my strong suite).

1/2 cup ricotta cheese + 1tbsp garlic & herb goat cheese
toppings: sauteed onions, sauteed spinach, & roasted red peppers (plus 1/3 cup part skim shredded mozzarella)

Now I need my family come home to help me finish it because I am scary close to running into my room and wolfing it down (while watching season 2 of Portlandia).

Christmas break, all I have is free time, and I've successfully made two pizzas and a beet salad...

On a more productive note, I have started taking self defense classes and am proud to say I am officially a white belt. The "kee-ai"s never get any less awkward, and my half-moons are atrocious. The way I fold my belt, however, is pristine to say the least.

And to leave you in assurance that I am not without faults (although it's still hard to convince most people), I have eaten half the pizza while writing this post. 

Hope everyone had a fabulous New Year's Eve! Mine was laden with Moscow Mules and Almond Champagne

not pictured: myself

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