Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Statement of Confusion

For many moons now, I have been in dismay at my inability to pinpoint exactly how other bloggers do it. By "it" I mean all of it. Photo collages, words on pictures, new sources, new topics. Does everyone walk around being followed by a DSLR? Does everyone have amazing photo editors?

I mean, I know how I do it - through agonizingly slow and old photoshop programs... and I get the desired results... but there must be a better way.

A few guesses I've come up with:
1. People on PCs have better photo editors than a Mac's sorry iPhoto
2. Picasa? I'm not sure exactly what they do on Picasa but I'm guessing it's involved.
3. Polyvore. I know I'm on to to something here

Am I close?

Don't get me wrong. I am thoroughly content with my own words-on-pictures art. I just can't imagine everyone in the blogosphere/pinterestland uses photoshop. Or maybe they do. 

back when I was slaving over Adobe Illustrator to make these

 Is Adobe ever involved in the process? Paint? Preview?
The suspense is killing me.
lacing up my Nikes at this very moment


  1. Picasa and I are best friends! That's all I use because that is all I know how to use:) Don't stress, be happy. Remember that your blog can't be your #1 priority, your life and loved ones are.

    And you seriously need to try out that pizza recipe, it is my favorite thing to make. The recipe will make 2 crusts so then you'll have one already made for next time

  2. ditto to picasa! i don't know anything about photo-shop, and I am pretty low-tech in general, but picasa is really user-friendly!