Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Daydreaming Cure

Wether it's the holiday season coming to an end, or an unusual case of SAD -- seeing as how it's 70 degrees and sunny outside in the middle of this winter season -- but this past week has felt like a huge ball of "let's stress Becca out" has been chucked at my face.

I exaggerate, but there were a couple stress-inducing things that have been brought to my attention this week and I don't think it's a coincidence that my knee-to-face kicks have improved ten-thousand-fold in my self-defense classes.

My creative super original solution? Daydreaming of when I'll go back to Paris with my boyf and all these petty things will have no matter in my important/successful/perfect life. (The 20 Office episodes I've been watching and Lean Cuisines I've been eating haven't hurt either. And yes, I do mean 20 episodes AND 20 Lean Cuisines.)

photos from February 2008

special thank you to cousin Lisa for living in Paris and hosting us for two weeks

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