Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Separation Anxiety

I brought my baby rebel into the shop yesterday to get it cleaned and I walked away from the store feeling sorry for leaving it alone and with strangers. #bloggerproblems? #addictedtoT2i? I acknowledge it's probably not the greatest sign that I have trouble being without my camera for an extended period of time, but I thought that I would dedicate this post to all the great times we've had together.

Paris September 2012
Venice 2012
on the job at an all-school event
Easter 2012 in Wichita with the boyfrand
ah yes, we've had some good times together, my baby Rebel and I, and we'll have even better times once it's back from the shop and good as new. And I bought it a present for it's homecoming.

Here's hoping I'm getting all my emotional attachments out of the way because the way I write about my chihuahuas and camera (an inanimate object), I can only cringe to think about what will happen about once I have real human children to write about.... But that won't be for a long long while, so I have time to get this all out of my system.

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