Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hop, Skip, and a Jump

Woke up promptly at 5:30 this morning to finish packing and getting ready to head out the door on time, at a glorious 6:30 am. I could have just packed the night before but that's never fun, plus I was having a grand ol' time gabbing to my friend over a glass of wine (she drank; I passed on the potential of dealing with a wine hangover on a plane). To wrap up the evening, I watched the first half of Love Actually (how have I never seen that movie before?)

With some minor setbacks such as going to the wrong airport, I still managed to catch my plane and wake up to take this beaut of a picture and then fall back asleep with a little help from Dramamine.

And now I am back in California and cannot wait to drink coffee in the morning and go to the gym and take in all that is wonderful Los Angeles (minus the smog that gives me horrible horrible allergies)

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