Friday, December 14, 2012

Grand Finale

In my last push to finish up finals week I devoted myself to my studies more than I even knew I was capable. So dedicated, that I made sure my study environment was nothing less than absolutely perfect. Never had my apartment been so spotless. Next, in order to focus even more, I took inventory of everything in my bedroom and reminisced about how every detail holds some importance to me. Once everything was accounted for, I had soft instrumental soundtrack music playing, and the lighting was just right, I was able to sit down and really study my heart out - at a convenient hour of 10:00 pm. 

This apartment, though, was something I had always wanted - a place to call my own (that my parents conveniently pay for). And my room especially is my little haven.

candles, paris, sunglasses, and pepper spray (c/o my brother-in-law)

most rude awakening imaginable - this is how i woke up at 5 am to really start studying for my final at 9 am

hydration and selfies

quarters for to clean my clothes 

ikea catalog?

definitely ikea catalog. can you spot the book i was pretending to study?

leaning dresser equals candle needing some help burning straight down 

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