Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pizza Bianca (And Some Tips on Portion Control)

I tried this fabuloso recipe almost a week ago. 4 stars (only because my execution wasn't spot on). It's from Cooking Light and was a family favorite (minus my brother who is allergic to mushrooms).

Click here for the recipe

And now for my words of wisdom:
1. Spend hours cooking for yourself and only make enough to eat one portion
2. (And/or) Make a pizza for your family (and only make one pizza) so that you can politely devour your portion, allowing everyone else to have their designated portion - everyone is not quite full but you have practiced portion control!
3. Drink water, and then drink water, and then drink more water. Then go to the bathroom and then drink more water.
4. Drink more water.
5. Full of water? Drink more water.

No, no. If you want real food and health tips click along to my health and food blog. Mentions of food on this, my personal blog, are mentions of fat, grease, and all that makes life worth living. This pizza is GOOD good good. The toppings are cooked in bacon fat BUT the cheeses are low-fat. Best of both worlds. And if you peak at the nutrition facts you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Make this to eat half  by yourself before January 1 rolls around and magically you're committed to being healthy and active (winks all around)

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