Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cutie Tuesday: Pico the Male Model

Yesterday was... pretty eventful. I tried a latte with real milk for breakfast. Not a fan. Then I found out who Gossip Girl is via Tumblr. Watched Sweet Home Alabama. Went for a run/walk back from LMU in the freezing cold. And suffered immensely from my allergies brought on by our Christmas tree.

Probably a solid 25% of my day was me wandering outside to go hang out with my puppies (my 7-year-old chihuahuas). Maddie sulks around while Pico runs up to me eager for affirmation that he 'is the best little dog everrrrrrr. Yes you are. Yes you are, Pico!' He knows praise doesn't come from nothing, so he does indeed work for it. As in, he works it.

oh is that you with a camera?
the sun is so bright I don't think I can pose today
haha just kidding, the light is perfect for my complexion

Maddie stays in the doghouse only to emerge for food. While Pico here runs straight for the sunlight, stand's up tall, and looks off into the distance. Winner of Cutie Tuesday

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